How to Brew Your Coffee to Perfection

Coffee brewing is generally a simple thing to do. Get the coffee, hot water, milk and it's good to go. But coffee isn't always just a swish of the hot water and mix of the spoon. Of course there isn't a single right technique, but it's always great to enjoy a mug of hot coffee that is brewed just right.

So where to begin?

The coffee brewing equipment is very important, it's what gives the touch. Make sure any filters or bean grinders are completely clean and rinsed after every use. Not only does this benefit the coffee, but it benefits your health as well. You can rinse them out with hot water and wipe with a clean towel. Don't forget to check that there's no build-up of coffee oil.

Well, the coffee actually starts with the beans. The coffee beans' quality is what determines the quality of the coffee itself, and not necessarily the brewing process. There are so many types of coffee, and you can even try combining them into a pleasant and interesting coffee. If you want the beans fresh, and we're talking about whole beans, it's best to buy them from a local roaster. Of course store them in an air-tight container, and to pour the freshness right into your mug, always grind them right before the brewing.

The water you use is very important for the brewing process, of course it's best to use filtered or bottled water, but if you're using tap, let the water run a few seconds before filling it in your coffee pot. Make sure it's cold water.

Now let's talk about the actual brewing. The amount of time that the water is in contact with the coffee is very important to the flavoring. In a drip system it should be about 5 minutes. If you're making the coffee with a plunger pot 2-4 minutes. If it's an Espresso it should be only 20-30 seconds. 

Now that the coffee's ready, drink it right after the brewing while it's still hot, fresh and aromatic. 



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