Puzzling Coffee Capsule Flavors

K Cups are a favorite, with their variety of tasty flavors. But some could be quite baffling….

Let's admit it, K Cups have become a kitchen necessity . Did you know that almost one in three American homes now has a pod-based coffee machine? John Sylvan, the infamous K Cup inventor, was sure those machines would only be part of the office view, but as it turns out - it's part of the 'everyday and everywhere' view.

There are so many flavors and types of those coffee capsules in the world, I honestly don't think there's someone who tasted all of them ( but if you did, let us know in the comments below :)) however there are a few very interesting flavors that are pretty eye catching. For a few of them I have no idea how their producers actually know the original taste of their flavors, but being a very intriguing topic - we had to read a bit about them.

So here are two out of those puzzling coffee capsule flavors:


Mudslide Coffee

Mudslides could be fun, but I never knew they were tasty. Like if you come back from a mudslide in the park, I don't think you say 'Wow that sure was a flavory ride...'  Doesn't sound good, and so does this coffee. However the description sorts things out a bit: A medium roast featuring the decadent taste of rich, creamy chocolate. Ok, so it's actually chocolate so creamy that it's resembles a mudslide. Phew.

Wild Mountain Blueberry Coffee

Blueberries are delicious fruit that are great with muffins, pancakes, fruit salad...anything sweet. But I never imagined the taste of blueberry coffee. Technically it could be a great nutritious breakfast, but very baffling. GREEN MOUNTAIN COFFEE® who brought this flavor into the coffee world wrote: "At first, people thought we were crazy. Blueberry coffee? Then they tasted it ... and soon the coffee department was abuzz with word that we'd hit on The Next Big Thing" Regarding the taste itself, seems it's a combination of juicy sweet, slight buttery and maybe a hint of caramel flavor. Doesn't sound so bad after all, as a matter of fact sounds really good.

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