The Starbucks Latte Macchiato – What Is It?

With the new year of 2016 Starbucks has shared with us yet another new coffee category, the Latte Macchiato. So what is this new drink?

Let's start with Latte. Latte is actually a shot (at least) of espresso that is then topped of with steamy milk. Macchiato means 'marked' as the espresso is 'marked' with steamy milk at almost 50% of the drink. So basically this name gives you a cup of simple yet deliciously fancy espresso and milk.  Unlike all the other well-known Starbucks coffees that give you a sweet combination of several interesting ingredients.

However as we all know Starbucks, they won't just give you a cup of simple coffee and milk. On the contrary, they gave this classic drink a special Italiano touch. As Wille Yli-Luoma, founder of Portland’s Heart Coffee Roasters says, “Instead of you tasting the milk integrated with the coffee, you’ll get the coffee upfront with the foam on top, then you’ll get the milk in the bottom part of the drink.” 

Interesting but still simplistic and mild. Delizioso!

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